Arts and Music Festival
30 AUG - 01 SEP 2019

Tel: (355) 69 40 59 000

Tulla Culture Center
Hiqmet Delvina, Tirana, 1000, Albania

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BASHTOVA FESTIVALThe Fortress, The River and The Sea

The Fortress of Bashtova has been a center of grain trade until the late 15th century; the time when the cereal commencing passed from Ragusians hand to the Venetians’. At that time, except the trade of cereals, Venetians were interested to hold in their hands the fortified strategic points along the Adriatic coast. it's the genuine atmosphere which is created by the loving who revel in the sense of escapism. We love the planet and we love Albania!


BASHTOVA FESTIVAL will take place, rain or shine!

30, 31 August and 01 September 2019

at Bashtova Fortress, Vile-Bashtove.


BASHTOVA FESTIVAL will take place, rain or shine, 30, 31 August and 01 September 2019. Festival gates will be open on Friday 30th of August at 4:00PM.


BASHTOVA FESTIVAL is happening at the Bashtova Fortress, Vile-Bashtove, Rrogozhine, located at the outflow of Shkumbin river into the Adriatic Sea, 30km from Durres

All ages

BF is an all-ages festival. Everyone two years of age and over is welcomed.

BF Questions

You are here to have the best weekend of your life. We rely on you to respect the people and the nature around you and to practice personal responsibility.

Environment first

Bashtova Festival is built with focus on the environment and sustainability. We are taking extra steps to reduce the festival’s footprint.
In collaboration with Tek Bunkeri all plastic bottles will be collected and will be turned into decorative sculptures and other elements.

We are reducing the use of plastic inside all the bars.

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Bashtova Festival

The Festival will take place at the Bashtova Fortress located at the Vile village in Bashtova area.

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